Our Company at a Glance


Tanaka Capital Management

Founded in 1986, Tanaka Capital Management provides investment management services to individuals, pension plans and endowments, and is the advisor to the TANAKA Growth Fund.

Our investment philosophy reflects the view there are misunderstood industries/ companies in the marketplace. It is our job to find these companies that are under-valued relative to future profitability and earnings growth and establish investment positions for our clients.


High Level of Service

This is a "people" business.  At Tanaka Capital Management, our clients’ assets are as important to us as if they were our own. Portfolios are adjusted to reflect the changing needs of each client, as well as for anticipated changes in the stock and bond markets.


Investment Highlights

  • 40+ years of investment experience.
  • Blend of "top-down" macroeconomic research and "bottoms-up" individual stock selection.
  • Proprietary economic analysis, particularly in the areas of demographics, inflation, productivity, and monetary policy.
  • Individualized portfolios based on a client's long term investment risk and return goals.
  • Current focus industries: information technology, healthcare, industrial equipment, airlines, entertainment, financial services, consumer products and services, and security.